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北京 Ableton Live 官方用户群建立!


· musiXboy 发布于 2019-04-24

这是北京Ableton Live 官方用户群。其建立的目的是为Ableton Live用户建立一个自由开放的交流平台。

无论你是职业音乐人,还是刚刚开始学习Ableton Live的音乐爱好者,这个群没有门槛限制,针对所有程度的用户。如果你愿意学习、分享或与其他艺术家建立合作机会都欢迎加入这个用户群。我们非常乐于为长居北京的用户提供帮助并建立一个活跃积极的本地音乐人社区。

Ableton are aiming to build an open communication platform for Ableton Live users in Beijing. Whether you’re a professional music producer, or a music lover who is getting started with Ableton Live, this is a group for all levels of users. If you have the passion to learn, share and build connections with other producers and artists, we welcome you to join this user group. We want to encourage and assist Ableton Live users in Beijing, and build an active music community in the city.

Ableton 官方群组织者 :

  • Yuyu Feng
  • Hotwill Huang

Beijing Ableton User Group Organizers:

  • Yuyu Feng
  • Hotwill Huang


To join the WeChat group please email your WeChat ID to