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更好地服务中国音乐人:Native Instruments 招聘中文客服代表


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Native Instruments 招聘中文客服代表(男女不限)地点:深圳/全职 ––尽快上岗。Support Agent (Chinese) (f/m),Full time, Shenzhen. As soon as possible.



You are characterized by a strong interest in the world of digital music production and your service oriented attitude. As Support Agent you are a competent contact person for our international customers (B2C) and their questions concerning product and purchasing advice related to our product range, product activation and purchasing process, installation and usage of our products. With your overview and knowledge of NI products you are part of our highly motivated support team with a strong focus on a good customer experience. Your reliable and structured working style makes you an ideal partner for colleagues and customers alike. 

您的背景是对数字音乐制作具有强烈兴趣以及拥有良好的服务导向意识。 作为客服代表,您是我们中国区域(包括香港,澳门和台湾)终端用户的主要联系人。 其中包括介绍我们产品系列,指导产品激活和购买流程,提供产品安装和使用有关的产品和购买建议。 通过您对NI产品的概述和了解,您将成为我们积极主动的客服团队的一员,专注于良好的客户体验。 您的可靠和结构化的工作风格使您成为NI同事和客户的理想合作伙伴。


  • You are mainly in charge of our Chinese speaking customers (English & German is a plus)


  • You will respond to customer inquiries (buyers guidance / questions before purchasing, product usage & tutorials, product troubleshooting, assistance for order and activation requests) directed towards our end-consumer/Support channel made via phone, chat, email or within our growing Support Community


  • You work in close cooperation with our departments such as Online Marketing, Products, Quality Assurance, Supply Chain Management and Accounting



  • You are an excellent communicator


  • You have a good knowledge of Native Instruments products – ideally all brands (Komplete, Maschine, Traktor)

          *您对Native Instruments产品有很好的了解 - 最理想的是所有品牌(Komplete,Maschine,Traktor)

  • You are familiar with the music industry market and know our direct competitors

          *您熟悉音乐行业市场,了解我们的直接竞争对手 (可入职后学习)

  • You know and can operate the major software sequencers / DAWs – Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro

          *您可以操作主要的软件音序器/ DAW - Ableton Live,Pro Tools,Cubase,Logic Pro

  • You are familiar with Mac OS and Windows OS - its file and folder structure as well as installation routines

         *您熟悉Mac OS和Windows操作系统 - 文件和文件夹结构以及安装程序

  • You are a native Chinese speaker with fluency in English. Other language skills, especially German and Spanish, would be ideal


  • You are a team player and driven by a strong service and customer orientation


  • You have a good technical understanding and a strong interest in improving troubleshooting skills as well as operational aspects towards NI products and DAWs


  • Fast typing is a benefit


  • Experience in customer service is a plus


Please contact Ms.Zoe Zhou at zoe.zhou@native-instruments.cn.com for further information.
详情请联系Zoe Zhou女士,邮箱zoe.zhou@native-instruments.cn.com




关于Native Instruments:

Native Instruments是一家领先的电脑音乐制作,DJ音乐软件和硬件制造商。 我们的使命是为各种行业,风格和流派开发创新,完整的解决方案。 所产生的产品经常推动技术边界,为专业人士和业余爱好者开辟新的创意视野。

自从1996年,Native Instruments在电脑上开启了令人陶醉的的实时合成器时代开始,不断为音乐家,制作人和DJ提供了丰富广泛的音乐产品。 我们目前在柏林,洛杉矶,东京,伦敦,巴黎,深圳设有六个办事处,拥有拥有400多名员工,并与40多家国际分销商保持合作伙伴密切合作,确保其未来的发展和成功。


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