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Native Instruments 招聘中国区市场经理


· 官方新闻稿 发布于 2017-03-01

Native Instruments 招聘中国区市场经理(男女不限)––尽快上岗。MARKETING MANAGER CHINA (F/M) –AS SOON AS POSSIBLE。


Native Instruments is looking for a creative and sales oriented Marketing Manager to join our Global Marketing team. As a marketer you will have the responsibility to drive the brand awareness of Native Instruments and its products within the Chinese speaking territories, particularly in Mainland China.
Native Instruments欲招聘一名富有创造力的、并以销售为导向的市场经理,以加入我们的全球市场营销团队。市场营销人员将负责提高Native Instruments及其产品在华语国家和地区,尤其是中国大陆地区的品牌认知度。 

You will play a major role in discovering and shaping the Chinese market and work very closely with your global colleagues in Berlin HQ to communicate our software and hardware portfolio. Your position is anchored in our Chinese Office in Shenzhen, but requires regular travelling, as it is crucial to develop and maintain relationships with our distribution network across China as well as with press, artists and opinion makers in China.


  • Provide strong cultural insights that lead to an impactful overall Marketing strategy for China
  • 提供强有力的文化视角,以在中国形成具有影响力的总体营销策略
  • Develop and roll out strategic global Marketing initiatives and events on a local level and create local activities, supporting the overall global strategy into campaigns with measurable success
  • 从地方层面,制定和推出全球营销战略倡议与项目,并创建本地的市场活动,以支持全球总体战略融入营销活动,争取获得显著成就
  • Create and coordinate projects with a cross functional team that includes, video, copy and graphic design for campaign purposes
  • 建立并协调项目,并为营销活动与负责视频、拷贝和平面设计等的跨职能团队进行合作
  • Implement global marketing strategies and tactics working closely with the internal marketing teams based in LA, Berlin, London, Paris and Tokyo
  • 实施全球营销战略和战术,并与洛杉矶、柏林、伦敦、巴黎和东京的内部营销团队密切合作
  • Build strong relationships with key players in the music industry, such as artists, clubs, labels and always be anticipating opportunities in related industries, like film and gaming
  • 与音乐行业的主要参与者,如艺术家、俱乐部和唱片公司建立稳固关系,并始终能在电影和游戏等相关行业中抢占先机
  • Coordinate and execute the successful localisation of our products and services, like coordinating local adaptation of global communication materials into compelling communication, appealing for the Chinese market
  • 协调并成功将我们的产品和服务进行本地化处理,如配合本地化需要,将全球宣传材料改进为引人入胜的交流沟通,以期吸引中国市场
  • Develop, coordinate and monitor the most relevant local marketing channels with focus on the main digital platforms (WeChat, Weibo, Local Music Production and DJ forums etc.)
  • 建立、协调并监督最为相关的本地营销渠道,重点关注主要的数字平台(微信、微博、本地音乐制作和DJ论坛等)
  • Identify and help to acquire, develop and maintain local Sales channels, in close cooperation with our Chinese distribution partner
  • 确立并协助获取、发展和维护当地销售渠道,并与我们的中方经销合作伙伴密切配合
  • Be a responsible spokesperson for Native Instruments for press, industry relations and the music scene in general.
  • 成为Native Instruments的一名整体面向媒体、业界关系和音乐圈的可靠发言人。


  • You have a strong background in online marketing and e-commerce
  • 拥有较强的网络营销和电子商务方面的背景
  • You are experienced in building international brands in China, ideally you are able to present a successful business case
  • 具备在中国打造国际品牌的经验,最好能提供一个成功的商业案例
  • Youare experienced in owning projects and driving campaigns involving professional media production
  • 具备涉及专业媒体制作的项目和活动推广经验
  • You worked with cross-functional teams before
  • 拥有与跨职能团队的共事经验
  • You are an excellent communicator with good organizational skills
  • 善于和人沟通,组织能力良好
  • You are a digital native and can easily navigate and engage in web and on social media platforms
  • 熟悉信息技术,可轻松应对和参与网络与社交媒体平台的工作
  • You like to travel and meet people
  • 乐于出差及沟通
  • Ideally, you are up-to-date with relevant developments in music and music technology
  • 最好能够及时关注音乐和音乐技术方面的相关发展情况
  • You speak native Mandarin and you are fluent in business English
  • 普通话纯正,商务英语流利
Please contact Mr. Jacky Ng at for further information.

详情请联系Jacky Ng先生,邮箱